Salon of the Year Salons of the Year 2017: Champagne Nail Lounge

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(from Salon Today, article written by Stacey Soble | April 28, 2017 | 9:31 AM)

When Tommy Le commissioned Soheila Adl and Elizabeth Troitsky of AT Design, LLC, to help him create Champagne Nail Lounge in Los Angeles, he told the designers he didn’t want a literal translation of champagne. “Instead he wanted to create a lush lounge reminiscent of the kind of place women would gather for cocktails, he didn’t want just another nail salon,” Adl says.

As the designers started selecting well-appointed materials and finishes though, they definitely had the effervescence of champagne in mind. The bubble references are subtle and lend an air of playfulness and elegance to the design.

For example, when clients enter the nail salon, they are greeted by a unique reception desk constructed with glass that encases sparkling bubbles. Behind the desk is a backdrop of glass with strands of chrome spheres that emulate bubbles. Between the reception area and the nail section, wood dividers with a reversed bubble pattern discreetly separate the space while allowing clients to see throughout. The Maya Romanoff wall covering above one wall of pedicure thrones features large circles. Finally, the glittering wall covering located at the brow bar is infused with champagne colored glass beads…

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