Who We Are

AT Design was established with the mission of delivering hospitality clientele topnotch designs from conception through project completion and beyond. Utilizing the most innovative, functional designs and unrivaled service, we execute solutions that bring our clients’ unique vision and functional requirements to fruition. Since our inception, we have consistently achieved our mission, utilizing the most extensive array of cutting-edge design techniques to increase clientele revenues by attracting more of their target market.

Here at AT Design, we believe each project is different and that all work should be given a team with resourceful, imaginative thinking that captures the essence of client goals and vision. Our founders have extensive training and commercial design experience and bring a wide array of consultative, creative and technical expertise to every project we commit to.

Passion. Dedication. Determination

The Team

Soheila Adl

Founder, Partner, Senior Designer

An Orange County native, Soheila Adl likes to break design norms while still creating a highly functioning and cohesive space. She is inspired by design from her travels – especially while living in Malaga, Spain. Adl earned her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach. She also studied graphic design at the University of California, Irvine and holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from California State University, Fullerton. Since founding AT Design in 2010, she and her business partner have pushed boundaries to create stunning and unique spaces in restaurant design and boutique hotels.

Elizabeth Troitsky

Founder, Partner, Senior Designer

Born and raised in Moscow, Elizabeth Troitsky was immersed in music, theater and traditional Russian and European architecture. She moved to Orange County, California 27 years ago and quickly fell in love with the design of Spanish architecture popular to the area. Troitsky went on to receive her Associate’s degree in fashion design and merchandising and her Bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach. She is inspired by world travels and keeping her eyes open to everything around her to find inspiration – especially when it comes to her favorite style, European Classic with a modern twist.